STINKING HEAVEN dir. Nathan Silver at US in Progress

When we shot STINKING HEAVEN this July and August, we’d start Mondays, wrap Thursdays and then leave Nathan the weekend to edit with Stephen Gurewitz (MARVIN SETH AND STANLEY). They finished editing shortly after we wrapped production, and now a month later we get to be a part of this very important program at the American Film Festival in Wroclaw, Poland. Nathan is a maniac.

Our Ars Nova SHOWGASM SPOTLIGHT promo was directed by DANIELS, winners of the 2014 MTV VMA for Best Direction. Here’s to their 2015 Best Direction VMA for ‘Popsickles.’

Tickets available HERE for COCOON CENTRAL DANCE TEAM'S JUNE, JULY, AUGUST, WHATEVER, a full-length dance recital with video and frighteningly strong pelvises.

Wednesday September 4th

Ars Nova

511 W54th just past 10th Avenue



Here’s the real dilly: Last August, THE UNSPEAKABLE ACT ran at Anthology for a week. We had some really excellent Q&As and audience responses. We also experienced low attendance, and I was frustrated by future ‘I wanna see the movie you did’ choruses, when the word had been out. 

DON’T DO THAT TO THIS MOVIE. SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY is a classic. I’ve seen it four times now, and each time I get belly laughs and I get true sobs. It’s the best movie about family I’ve seen in ages and the best female ensemble piece I’ve seen maybe ever. Today, Thursday 8/29, is your day to catch it in NY theaters. Showtimes at Cinema Village are 1:15p, 3:15p, 5:20p, 7:20p, & 9:25p, that’s five chances!

You can catch it online, too. But seats filled in the theater really help out the movie overall. Support Eleanore Pienta, Molly Plunk, Dana Elverson, Keisha Zollar, Drew Tobia, Rachel Wolther, and a ton of other local heroes. You won’t be sorry. You’re welcome. Enjoy!


Independent Pilot Competition — 2014 Official Selections

Gary Saves the Graveyard(Comedy)
Created by Todd Bieber - New York, NY 

As the new caretaker of a graveyard, Gary discovers that he must play referee to the numerous dead residents that come to life each night – including his childhood best friend.

I’m very excited. I’m a zombie.


3 shows this week in LA; start off with this little baby


Sarah Salovaara for Filmmaker Magazine 

1:25 I try to eat while actors Hannah Gross and Tallie Medel do vocal exercises about butt yeast on either side of me. Tallie, whom I am pleasantly surprised to see, was a late addition, filling a role originally written for a teenager. “But all these teenagers were trying so hard to act,” Nathan interjects. “And I realized I just wanted Tallie.”

link to full article here.


A quick update:

Monday I’ll begin filming a second feature with Nathan Silver, who you can read about in the NY Times here. The rest of the summer is dedicated to COCOON CENTRAL DANCE TEAM, with two more features set to film this fall/winter and another round of filming for COP KILLER, directed by Jordan Chesney.

You can catch both JOY KEVIN and UNCERTAIN TERMS at some great film festivals this summer and fall, and COCOON is releasing a second season of REHEARSAL later this summer/fall. We shot a music video last month with some of AstroNautico’s boys due out this summer. We’ve also got some shows coming up that we’re frothy for.

I got back to NYC from my home state of Alaska a few days ago, where local filmmaker Marc Osborne Jr. and I shot a music video for DJ AlterNative. You can see our last project for AlterNative here.

14 Movies and Events We’re Excited About at the 2014 L.A. Film Festival

"Uncertain Terms"

Filmmaker Nathan Silver has been cranking out a series of improv-heavy character studies with a confident sensibility rarely seen among directors of his generation. (Silver is 30.) With features like “Soft in the Head” and “Exit Elena,” the writer-director has explored lively, intelligent personalities with a mixture of naturalism, humor and often staggering insight into conflicted mindsets. “Uncertain Terms” continues that focus with a tender portrait of a Brooklynite who flees a troubled marriage to spend time in the Hudson Valley at his aunt’s house, where she runs a program for pregnant teenagers. While the residents express curiosity over their new visitor’s backstory, he in turn discovers a potential new direction for his life in the company of fresh faces — which doesn’t exactly solve his current problems. Expect strong performances and wise monologues alongside some awkward romantic developments, all of which take place with a brisk pace that bodes well for Silver’s blending of traditional stories with freewheeling techniques.

Tickets here.


dir. Adam Lerman

with Becky Baumwoll and myself

Becky is one of my very favorite actors. Please enjoy her face, and follow the link on her name to see her mime troupe BROKEN BOX MIME THEATER.

Adam and I met at Upright Citizens Brigade and enjoy a mutual obsession with one another. Please enjoy his work, and follow the link on his name to see all that he does.

Tickets are on sale for UNCERTAIN TERMS at the Los Angeles Film Festival. You can purchase here.
Sat, Jun 14th 4:40pm
Tue, Jun 17th 9:30pm

Tickets are on sale for UNCERTAIN TERMS at the Los Angeles Film Festival. You can purchase here.

Sat, Jun 14th 4:40pm

Tue, Jun 17th 9:30pm


An updated smatter! With thanks to Alex Fischer, wonderful director and COCOON-collaborator extraordinaire.

Uncertain Terms
preceded by 37.4 S

Narrative Competition

(USA, 2014, 74 mins, HDCam)
World Premiere

Directed By: Nathan Silver

Screenwriters: Nathan Silver, Chloe Domont, Cody Stokes
Producers: Chloe Domont, Richard Peete, Josh Mandel
Cinematographer: Cody Stokes
Editor: Cody Stokes
Music: The Blair Brothers, Khia
Cast: India Menuez, David Dahlbom, Tallie Medel, Gina Piersanti, Hannah Gross, Adinah Dancyger, Cindy Silver

THE UNSPEAKABLE ACT rises again for a screening at the University of St. Andrews (founded in 1410!) in Fife, Scotland on Wednesday, April 30 at 7:00 pm. The film screens in School 3 of St Salvator’s Quad, in a good HD version. *I am present through the miracle of Skype. Ask me questions about incest! I’m looking forward to hearing all these brogues!

promo via Dan Sallitt

Today is the last day shooting GARY SAVES THE GRAVEYARD (dir. Todd Bieber) and I’m really happy I got to play a part. This is a project presented by UCBComedy and Nerdist premiering this summer starring Jim Santangeli, Nate Dern, Shannon O’Neill, me, and a bunch of true coolios.